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  • What We Do

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    Conn3ct your organisation to the future

    We are a coaching & strategic consultancy agency based in Rotterdam with a large network of leadership coaches, (digital) strategists, marketers, creatives and trainers. Why we exist? We believe that authenticity, connection with yourself, your goals, your stakeholders and the market is the only way to 'stay in business' in the future and make a difference. Upon request, we provide insight into bottlenecks and opportunities in and around the organization and offer concrete tools to solve them. In short, we coach and advise organizations in the transition to a future-proof organization.

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    Activate your transformational leadership 

    What choices do you make in a world full of challenges and possibilities? These times require new leadership. Do you find it a challenge in the hustle and bustle of everyday life to reflect, zoom out and (continue to) develop yourself? Step into the Conn3ctly leadership development program, an inspiring adventure and fascinating research into your own energy, how you direct it, your inner strength and vulnerability. With the focus on increasing your impact as a leader in the world with a need for change. From a deeper connection with yourself, with others and with the beautiful nature around you, you bring extra insight, focus and movement into your life. So that you can further increase your impact and contribute even more to what you believe in with heart and soul!

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    Grow your netwerk & conn3ct your teams

    Our world is changing rapidly, this requires attention from every company. Our expertise lies in improving internal and external connections. By better connecting, evaluating and collaborating with teams within the organization. And also ensure the growth of usefull external connections. This means the company and its employees are better able to make a difference and impact now and in the future.


    Would you like to know more about our AI-diven experiences like 'SpeedMeet' and 'Retro Rally' and the possibilities for your brand? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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    Our clients

    We've advised numerous smaller companies and large corporate enterprises in different branches like telco's, finance

    & insurance industry, healthcare & fitness industry, automotive industry, education industry, agriculture industry, energy industry and technology service providers.

  • Who We Are

    Let's get introduced!

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    Marjolein Poot

    Founding Partner & Sr. Advisor

    Marjolein Poot is a passionate strategist & transformational leadership coach who loves to connect people and companies to the future. She is also known for her positive approach and creating customized solutions for change management & transition challenges. She is driven to create impact and has received multiple awards for her work. Previously, she has worked on business development and new business concepts for brands like Equipe Zorgbedrijven and HalloStroom. She also shaped and implemented the digital & social strategy for Aegon, including the associated transformation of the organization. Which has made ​​Aegon social market leader in the insurance industry. Besides this she has been responsible for change management at KPN and Hi with a focus on marketing and the online & social strategy. She is regularly active as a guest lecturer and speaker. Boardmember of the Digital Marketing Lounge.

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    Eric Magnée

    Eric Magnée is a digital storyteller, creative technologist, and composer known for his innovative approach to music, performance and interactive experiences. He has built a distinguished career as a composer, having composed music for institutions such as het Metropole Orkest, The Antwerp Symphonic Orchestra, Theater aan het Spui, Storioni Trio and OT-Rotterdam. He also helps brands in discovering their unique sound. In 2015, he co-founded The Smartphone Orchestra, creating interactive experiences for prestigious clients including KPN, Randstad, L’Oréal, and for esteemed festivals including Tribeca Film Festival, SXSW, IDFA Doclab, Lowlands and Sonar Festival. Driven by a passion for fostering connection, he brings a fun and creative approach to his work. His primary goal is to unite people, demonstrating that even small collaborative actions can make a significant impact and facilitate meaningful real-life connections..

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    News and blogs from our specialists

    JOA started in 1998 as an organization with a focus on creating systems for preventing air pollution in and around large industrial organizations. Meanwhile JOA has transformed into an international innovative player in the field of air technology for a better quality of life in and around...
    During the CustomerTalk Event Customer Experience in 1 day, the first certificates were awarded to the first group of participants of the "Dutch Flower Group E-cademy program Sales 2020-2025". This program is entirely devoted to get the sales team more connected and future-proof. During the...
    Last May Facebook announced to start with the integration of augmented reality (AR) to Messenger. The brands Nike, Asus, Sephora and Kia were the first to try. They will use AR to show their customers the latest sneakers and smartphones and to try a new make-up, without even going to the store. ...
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    Office address & telephone:

    Heemraadssingel 70

    3021 DD Rotterdam

    +31 (0)6 109 52 679


    +31 (0)6 109 52 679


    +31 (0)6 109 52 679

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