• What We Do

    We're on a mission to connect you to your audience and the future.

    Innovation & disruption

    Our world changes like crazy, which demands attention of every company. As we understand it's hard to keep up with all innovations while running a business, we are here to support you with strategic advice, coaching, recruitment support, training & inspiration. For short we can help you out when it comes to change management challenges like: creating customer focus, becoming an agile company, business development, digitalization, marketing & communication.

    Our focus & network

    We are a consultancy and coaching agency with a great network of (digital) strategists, creatives, producers, coaches and trainers. We love creating clever solutions, that have positive business impact. Our reason for being? Believing being authentic, connected with your audience and serving their needs is the only way to survive as a brand. To achieve this, we help brands to find their DNA, their "why/what/how". We help them build relationships with their audience (employees and customers) and create ambassadors for future growth.

    Our clients

    We've advised numerous smaller companies and

    large corporate enterprises in different branches like telco's, finance

    & insurance industry, healthcare & fitness industry, automotive industry, education industry, agriculture industry, energy industry and technology service providers.

    Strategy, concepting & digital marketing

    We've been working on variety of business & marketing strategy, concepting, and digital marketing positioning requests for several clients in the energy, agriculture, healthcare, fitness, personal development and travel industry.


    Would you like to know more about these cases and the possibilities for your brand? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Coaching, recruitment, inspiration and training sessions

    We've been coaching teams and individuals. Optimized and expanded teams (recruitment) and we've started new (external) partnerships. We've provided multiple inspiration and training sessions in sales, digital marketing, social media and employer branding. In these sessions we start with an overview of the newest relevant trends, provide useful practical theory, tools and models. And last but not least share lots of practical examples to speed up your learning curve and your ability to set results.


    NCOI: “With an enthusing way of storytelling Marjolein took us through the journey to successfully implement her advanced social media strategy. Combining theory with practical examples, Marjolein explained really well how she phased and shaped this process. We would certainly recommend Marjolein as a guest speaker because of her hands-on knowledge and inspiring way of delivering her story.“

    'Social Media-audit-in-a-day'

    We've delivered Social Media-audits and training sessions for several companies and organizations like Gasunie, BrightPensioen and the University of Groningen.


    Would you like to know more about this case and the possibilities for your brand? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Who We Are

    Let's get introduced!

    Marjolein Poot

    Founding Partner alias "The Guide"

    Marjolein Poot is a passionate strategist who loves to connect companies to their target audiences and create customized solutions for change management challenges. She is driven to create impact and has received multiple awards for her work. Previously, she has shaped and implemented the digital & social strategy of Aegon, including the associated transformation of the organization. Which has made ​​Aegon social market leader in the insurance industry. Besides this she has been responsible for change management at KPN and Hi with a focus on marketing and the online & social strategy. She is regularly active as a guest lecturer and speaker. Boardmember of the Digital Marketing Lounge.

    Hans van der Meulen

    Inspirator & marketing coach alias "The Professor"

    Hans van der Meulen is a highly experienced digital marketing professional and loves to share his knowledge & experience by training and coaching marketeers. Besides his work for Conn3ctly is also working as a principal teacher at Beeckestijn Business School and is chairman of the Digital Marketing Lounge association. Hans has organized and worked as program manager for many (digital) marketing events such as ‘Customer Talk’, ‘Social Finance Conference’ & ‘The Case’ and many more. He has earned his (online) marketing spurs at companies such as Sony, Dell and the Amsterdam RAI. In addition, he has worked on the agency side for, among others, Inpact, Red Hot Minute and Lost Boys.

    Steffen Ringma

    Sr. Advisor alias "Mr. Make it Happen"

    Steffen Ringma is a result driven marketing professional with 20+ years’ experience in (digital) campaign management, email marketing, fundraising and change management. He has strong analytical and conceptual skills and switches quickly and easily between strategy and operation. As a certified product owner and experienced people manager he has a proven track record in implementing strategic plans and he knows how to get the best out of teams. As a certified privacy professional he helps organizations how to balance the execution of personalized, real-time digital marketing engagements against consumer privacy concerns. He worked for organizations such as Zilveren Kruis Achmea, Hartstichting, Teradata, KPN, Sligro and Tommy Hilfiger.

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    JOA started in 1998 as an organization with a focus on creating systems for preventing air pollution in and around large industrial organizations. Meanwhile JOA has transformed into an international innovative player in the field of air technology for a better quality of life in and around...
    During the CustomerTalk Event Customer Experience in 1 day, the first certificates were awarded to the first group of participants of the "Dutch Flower Group E-cademy program Sales 2020-2025". This program is entirely devoted to get the sales team more connected and future-proof. During the...
    Last May Facebook announced to start with the integration of augmented reality (AR) to Messenger. The brands Nike, Asus, Sephora and Kia were the first to try. They will use AR to show their customers the latest sneakers and smartphones and to try a new make-up, without even going to the store. ...
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