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Integrate AR camera effects into Messenger

Last May Facebook announced to start with the integration of augmented reality (AR) to Messenger. The brands Nike, Asus, Sephora and Kia were the first to try. They will use AR to show their customers the latest sneakers and smartphones and to try a new make-up, without even going to the store.

The social media platform integrates AR in conversations with Messenger bots. These bots are able to send users directly from an advertisement, via their camera, to an AR experience. They can share this via Click-to-Messenger ads or Facebook homepage ads. The brands can only push people that used Messenger before or clicked on an advertisement.

Organizations already use bots to improve e-commerce conversations and engagement with their consumers.Bots are able to guide users to the right place, by asking them a few questions, to find more information. This leads to more engagement and sales. AR helps to visualize a product before consumers feel comfortable buying it, ‘try in AR before you buy’.

There is a shift in the field of advertisements, according to Stan Chudnovsky, head of product at Facebook, "Where we used to buy ads to get people to the store, we buy ads today to get people in augmented reality experiences, where they can experience our product in the closest way of the physical world".

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In the future AR will upgrade the digital interaction with consumers through personalization. By sharing prototypes in AR the design process can be improved. This way, designers can collect feedback to increase the chance of success. Online service can be made personal and interactive by bringing the chatbot to life in AR, this assistant provides explanations and tips on installing and using a product.

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