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Conn3ctly develops new identity and online platform for JOA

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JOA started in 1998 as an organization with a focus on creating systems for preventing air pollution in and around large industrial organizations. Meanwhile JOA has transformed into an international innovative player in the field of air technology for a better quality of life in and around industries and the improvement of processes and product quality. Consider, for example, the provision of air filtering for clean rooms. JOA distinguishes itself through its continuous focus on new research & development, which means it is able to offer highly disruptive and proven air technology innovations.

“In close cooperation with the Conn3ctly we have been able to develop a new identity and online platform to realize a distinctive online presence that matches our vision for the future," said Eline Bodbijl Marketing Manager JOA.

As JOA wants to further expand internationally they have asked Conn3ctly to advise on and develop a new identity and concept for an online platform that will stimulate their international business development.

Recently, JOA has launched it's new online platform where employees of (large and complex) industrial organizations can find a practical QuickScan and a lot of useful information about the solutions that JOA can offer for air innovation challenges. “We are seeing more and more international issues such as CO2 emissions and nitrogen issues. This is not only a hot topic in the Netherlands, but Asia and the US have also been struggling with these challenges for some time. With its customized technology, JOA can make a major contribution to reducing these and other forms of emissions. ”

The "filtering of air particles" plays a central role in the website concept. The visualisations of this comes back in various designs and animations on the website. Because companies are often not aware of the high-tech possibilities that JOA can offer, a handy QuickScan has been developed where companies can easily gain insight into their optimization possibilities.

In addition to the website, JOA will activate multiple marketing activities to share their solutions on external platforms. “The improvement of our online platform allows us to publish more relevant content and to have a better presentation of experience and our solutions. With our new marketing approach, we expect to be able to deliver a new experience and double the number of website visitors, " says Marketing Manager Eline Bodbijl.

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Agency: Conn3ctly

Strategy & Account: Marjolein Poot

Creation: Arno Sellenraad

Design: Guido Blok

Producer: Jan Jaap Elenbaas

Strategy & Content: Eline Bodbijl, JOA