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The human touch in B2B

Account-based marketing

Marketing is getting more and more personalized, that’s why B2B marketers integrate account-based marketing (ABM). ABM helps organizations concentrate sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts within a market. It uses personalized campaigns that resonate with each account and makes it able to focus at the best service or product.

ABM helps you to engage with people’s stories and be an ally to help them achieve their vision. A great example is about a company that sent piñatas filled with candy and positive online reviews found on third-party websites. To add a human element they included social proof from one of its ambassadors in their campaign. The ambassador shared her success story with the platform and offered clients to speak with her via email. After the campaign their response rate and sales have been increased.

The first step in ABM is the discovery and definition of high value accounts. These next tips help you create your account-based (B2B) marketing plan:

· Relationships are about trust: It is important that client feels you can be trusted and you understand them. Strong branding can be a strategic tool that allows us to cut through the marketplace noise, get personalized and connect with the customer on many levels. Just make sure you connect with the right decision-makers.

· Timely engagement: In deals it is necessary to know the organizational structure and business owners. In tactical marketing ABM brings a lot of visibility, sales teams are getting more and more involved in marketing decisions and should be part of the customer engagement strategy.

· It’s about the story: Marketing mostly focuses on the product, but it is much more important to write a story on how your potential customer will achieve her/his goal with your solution. Your content preferably tells a personalized story of a similar problem.

· Don’t waste time: Use your clients time best and customize content for each targeted individual. In the strategic framework you can combine sales and marketing sessions to get sense of client goals and account propositions.

· Clients aren’t just for one part of the year: With any luck, long-term planning will lead to a lasting relationship. It is not about that one sale with Christmas, but many others. You want to be the one they turn to first.

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