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Smart free digital tools to make you a better social media marketer

For many companies digital marketing & the use of social media has already become the new standard. But what if you’re not one of them yet. Here you’ll find some suggestions from insiders to quickly create more impact via social media.

  • Klear is an online tool that’s helps you find influencers. It allows you to use a targeted search over 500 million social media profiles.
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  • The Stay Focused Chrome extension restricts you in spending time on distracting websites. It helps you to focus on your main targets through blocking sites you choose yourself.
  • Hootsuite Academy let’s you follow free courses in Hootsuite Dashboard and develop your skills in social media marketing.
  • The educationtool MarketingProfs teaches you what modern marketing is all about. It contains online trainings, strategies, articles and more.
  • To get inspired, Pinterest can be great a help. You will find social media marketing tools, articles, ebooks and much more.
  • The Hemingway App helps you write content. It highlights complex, long and complicated sentences.
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  • To analyze what topics and keywords get the most shares on social media, you can use the free version of the online tool Buzzsumo. It helps you see how many shares a page has, backlinks and more.
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  • Would you like to know what the best time is to publish your content? The extension Figure It Out helps you save the content for the best times.

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Source: Hootesuite