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Social Media Awards 2017

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The annual Social Media Awards took place on Thursday January 25 at The International Golf Course clubhouse. ITDS specifically zoomed in on the development of the use of social media by insurers and banks. For short, the conclusion of the study was: social media finally gets the place and attention it deserves. In order to make the difference, the focus increases on the development of good and relevant content, the realization of good audience targeting and social advertising, and last but not least creating the right organizational structure. So that you may be able to respond quickly and adequately to questions from customers.

In addition, you see a development that the combination of chat (whether or not as a bot) and social media answers more and more questions, which makes it possible to reduce the inefficient email traffic enormously.

During the evening Olympic champion sailor Marit Bouwmeester shared her vision of success: "I do not believe in talent, but in working hard." Her bottom line: if you want to achieve something, go for it and do not give up. After her personal story and experiences, Marit took care of the award ceremony.

The winners of the Social Media Awards 2017 are:


1) Central Management (Gold)

2) Aegon (Silver)

3) Silver Cross (Bronze)



2) Rabobank

3) ING

69 insurers were measured in the 2017 Social Media Monitor.

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