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Innovation at Winter Olympics PyeongChang 2018

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Next to the Olympics, South Korea will impress the world with its innovations. Talking robots at the airport and self-driving buses are just two technologies they will be implementing at this event. South Korea’s Ministries and local companies together created an experience to demonstrate their leading position in advanced technologies.

Viewing experience

All major events will be aired in Ultra-High Definition (UHD) by South Korea’s broadcasters. To complete the experience, the games will be filmed by 360-degree virtual reality (VR) cameras. Sports also can be watched from new perspectives with Korean mobile carrier KT Corp's "time slice," which captures athletes mid-motion from different angles, or witness a race from an athlete's helmet. To offer the viewer an engaging experience broadcasters use the "ghost skier" technology (a live run will be overlaid by a previous run) and a Hologram Live service. The games will be aired on fifth-generation (5G) network, which speed is expected to be 1,000 times faster than LTE networks.

A.I. and robots

The Olympics are the perfect place to promote South Korea’s A.I. advances, like eighty-five robots that help visitors get around and offer game details, schedules and tips for tourists. The Airpot Guide Robot, that understands multiple languages, will welcome visitors at Seoul's Incheon Airport. Another innovation that breaks language barriers is GenieTalk, a voice-recognition instant translation app, and the Furo-D robot, which learns from hearing thousands of examples and teaches itself to improve over time


For getting around, 5G-equipped autonomous buses will be moving guests around the city's stadiums, slopes and rinks. To provide broadcasting, entertainment and security services, South Korea will also use drones.

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Source: CNBC