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Emerce Retail 2018

e-commerce and retail

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March 15th Emerce Retail 2018 took place at theatre SPANT! in Bussum. Emerce zoomed in on the future of online and cross-channel retail. The event aims to inspire retailers (and people connected to this branch), by providing an overview on the latest developments in online retail.

What does the future of online retail look like? How can you optimize your retail organization to be successful in e-commerce and cross-channel sales? What are the current success stories and learnings?

The keynotes of the congress were presented by Jiayi Yuan of Alipay and dr. Roeland Dietvorst of Alpha One. Jiayi talked about the digital wallet app Alipay, which enables us to pay cashless and already has 520 million users in China. “It supports you in your finance, but also in social life.” For worldwide payments, users just tap the "Pay" button to load their personal QR code that can be scanned by retailers. Other interesting speakers were Chris Out (Rockboost), Job van den Berg (Kantar), Lejo Duivenvoorde (EDM), Anne Moes (HVA) and Ine Polak (GfK). Ine stated: “E-commerce has increased in the last two years with 38%. Mobile shopping trips in 2017 increased with an enormous rate of 73%. It is good to know that online shoppers do not search for their fast moving goods by brand, but by product.”


Another fascinating fact is that most people think growth hacking is about acquisition and activation, but is also includes retention, revenue and referral. These 5 metrics represent all of the behaviors of our customers. “To achieve growth, you must test 19 traction channels,” Chris Out stated.

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The innovation hour wrapped up with a creative story of Barbara den Hollander about personalization and influencer marketing and the story of Roelien Timmermans about Love Stories.

Chairman Rik de Fluiter thanked the audience and invited everyone for a drink at the Innovation Alley.